Why choose |UTEBer|?

Daily Payouts

|UTEBer| make payout every 24hours, Once a day, never miss out on your Hard Earned income. Plus also our exciting Rewards schemes

24 hour Support

At |UTEBer| we have 24hour support, via our Email link, or Social Media. You can always contact us @ |UTEBer| for anything you require Links

|UTEBer| Lowest Commissions

At |UTEBer| we offer our drivers the Lowest Commissions in the Biz. We also offer a exciting rewards system via our trade Partner.


|UTEBer| is designed & developed for people that need to move their goods
and or transport, cargo from
Point A to Point B. Quickly & Easily with no Fuss!!

Customers Download load our App from PlayStore or Apples App store.

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Once the customer has downloaded & completed their login.
They are able to book a Vehicle to make Pick up and or delivery, straight away.

If there are drivers available in their area.
Customers can also
make a booking for a time, that suit you.