Join |UTEBer| Today & be Rewarded

Joining |UTEBer|

At |UTEBer| we believe in rewarding our drivers for their hard work & for their upkeep of their vehicles. In saying this |UTEBer| endeavour to be transparent & worker friendly company, people that join |UTEBer| are joining the greater |UTEBer| family.

New |UTEBer| Members

Firstly new members get to keep 100% of takings minus the $1.00 booking fare fee, for the first month. The booking fare fee goes towards administration costs for |UTEBer|.
At |UTEBer| we will also offer generous bonuses for drivers that have completed milestones.

|UTEBer| for Rewards

|UTEBer| bonuses will be paid out via crypto payment via our trusted business partners All members that join up with |UTEBer|, will also mandatorily join with our business partners. To incentives this |UTEBer| will give a token bonus for every new member and also a referral bonus for new members introduced to joining the |UTEBer| family. This bonus can be traded or sold for cash up to the members discretion.

After the 1 month introduction to |UTEBer|, drivers will receive 85% of the fare taken, minus the $1.00 booking fee. This will be paid on daily basis into drivers bank account. The added bonus for drivers is that an additional 5% bonus will be added to the drivers crypto wallet on our partners exchange.

|UTEBer| Single Fare Ex.

Driver earns $19.00 fare
Booking fee -$1.00 (Admin fee)
UTEBer gets 10% of $18.00 ($1.80)
DRIVER gets 5% of $18.00
in TIOx($0.90)

Driver Total = $15.30 + $0.90(TIOx)
UTEBer receive $2.80

|UTEBer| Weekly Fare Ex.

Driver earns $600.00 from 20 fares
Booking fee -$20.00 (Admin fee)
UTEBer gets 10% of $580.00 ($58.00)
DRIVER gets 5% of $580.00
in TIOx($29.00)

Driver Total = $522.00 + $29.00(TIOx)
UTEBer receive $78.00